Cboe FX Forwards

The Cboe FX marketplace for outright deliverable forwards is now available for onboarding and trading. This new market operates as an anonymous order book, underpinned by Cboe FX's matching engine located in the NY5 data center in Secaucus, NJ.

Trading and Tenors
  • Anonymous order book open to all customers
  • Ability to place resting bids and offers
  • Firm and Non-Firm Liquidity
  • Tenors include Near and Far IMM Dates* and Rolling Tenors
Technology Specs
  • Testing is now available in Cboe FX's Cert Environment
  • FIX Order Entry and Market Data
  • Contact the Cboe FX Sales team for access to the Forwards Specs
Credit Information
  • Cboe FX Forwards follow the existing Cboe FX account and credit structure
  • Credit admin available through GUI and API
Sign Up
To learn more, please contact fxsales@cboe.com

*IMM Dates are the four quarterly dates of each year which most futures and options contracts use as their scheduled maturity date. The dates are the third Wednesday of March, June, September and December.