Hotspot Market Data Protocols

Hotspot provides market data via two different market data feeds (snapshots and event based), for customers to choose which feed is the most appropriate for their needs.

The snapshot feed can simplify development/integration with Hotspot as the client application does not need to manage the internal state of the Hotspot orderbook. The feed publishes a complete snapshot of the book of all available liquidity at a certain time interval, this interval is either 250ms or 50ms. It is possible to subscribe to a specific list of currency pairs upon connecting.

Market Data is published in a snapshot format via FIX Bookfeed API (50ms only). Market Data is also available in a streaming event based format Hotspot ITCH.

HotspotITCH consumes more bandwidth (9 Mbps) and requires that the client app manage the state of the Hotspot book internally by applying events received over the feed. The advantage of this feed is that clients market data will be as accurate as possible and will not have the possible 50ms delay of the snapshot feed.


Hotspot Trading Protocols

Order entry is available via FIX Proxy. All order entry connections support SSL encryption for security.

If you have multiple trading ids on Hotspot it is important to ensure that your market data feed is correctly configured for your trading account, otherwise you will see liquidity that is unavailable to you.

In addition Hotspot has integrated with many OMS vendors.


Post-Trade STP

Hotspot provides a Post-Trade Drop Copy Feed for STP integration with back offices.
In addition Hotspot has integrated with many STP vendors.


Hotspot Colocation Service

Hotspot provides a colocation service at Equinix.